If your closet always feels cramped no matter how much you try to maintain it, chances are you’re not using it correctly. It can get pretty frustrating when you want to find a piece of clothing from your closet and all the clothes come tumbling outside. Maximizing your closet space will not only help reduce the overstuffed mess but also help you be more organized. There are numerous ways to make the most out of your small closet space, all you need are some hacks to help you out. These tips will not only increase your closet space but also make your closet look bigger, neater, and more organized.

1. Throw Out Useless Clothes

The best piece of advice you’re gonna get to maximize your closet space is to get rid of all the useless clothes that are crammed into your closet. Many people opt to keep their clothes, no matter how old they are, in their closets. What they don’t understand is that doing so minimizes their closet space and equals a disorganized closet. If you’re one of the sentimental people who don’t throw anything away, the least you could do is store the excess clothes that you don’t use regularly inside boxes or other containers so they take less space.

2. Utilize The Floor Space

The floor space is an excellent place to store your shoes, accessories, and purses. Many people overlook this space and then face the problem of not having enough space to store their things. By utilizing the floor space, the remaining storage space of your closet will be maximized and used for other purposes. Make sure you place the shoes you need on a regular basis inside your storage and keep the rarely used shoes in a box or any other storage space.

3. Minimize The Clutter

Removing clutter from your closet space doesn’t only include extra clothes, shoes, and accessories but also any and all kinds of unnecessary stuff. Get rid of the dry cleaning coverings, opt for thinner hangers that take up less space than the normal ones, and place only the clothes you use on a regular basis inside the closet.

4. Add Closet Lighting

Adding light to your closet will make it look bigger and more organized. The extra light will also illuminate the corners and spaces usually not visible that you could utilize for extra storage.

5. Use The Upper Shelf

Most people don’t use the upper shelf of their closets simply because they can’t reach it. In this case, you should store stuff you rarely need on the top of your closet inside storage boxes. Another thing you can do is use that shelf space for purses and other accessories. You can even use shelf dividers for a neat look.

6. Use The Doors

To further maximize your closet space, you could convert the empty and bland side of your door into a shoe space, or hang hooks and keep all sorts of accessories and purses there. This will not only increase the storage space of your closet but also give it an artsy and warm look.

7. Add Mirrors

Although the addition of a mirror won’t do much for increasing your closet space, it will give an illusion of much wider and open closet space. In addition, you could try getting custom closet accessories to make your closet space look better. You could get a mirror installed on the inside of your closet doors or the inside of your closet. It would also better the aesthetic appeal of your closet.

8. Double The Hanging Space

A really good way to increase your closet space is to go for a double-hanging alternative. By shifting from single to double hanging, your closet space will be effectively doubled. Although the closet may seem cramped by that, at least everything will be organized and easy to store and find. A lot of people prefer hanging space to shelf space anyway since it keeps your clothes organized, it’s probably the best way to maximize space.

9. Use The Right Hangers

The type of hangers you use will have an impact on the space your clothes take up in your closet. Slimline hangers are the best option if you’re looking to reduce the space taken up by your clothes. You could also try multi-hangers, which can hang up to five pieces of clothing while taking the space of one.

An organized closet will go a long way to help you out in your daily life. All you have to do is put in just a little effort and follow some of the above-mentioned tips to make the most of your closet space.

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