Teo Zirinis (previous), AKA “Hands Off My Dinosaur!”, is an illustrator based in Athens, Greece, who creates funny illustrations inspired by all the things surround him. He has many interesting series, such as PUNS, Fun with food, or if things could talk. Although these collections are all good, our favorite one is definitely “if things could talk”. If you ever wondered what a piece of fruit would say if it could speak? Scroll down to check out Zirinis’s funny interpretation.

Zirinis created a series of funny illustrations personifying everyday items, revealing the hilarious conversations they might have if they came to life. Zirinis shows there’s no bounds to his imagination. Fortune cookie, mug, spoon, not matter how humble the things are in our daily life, Zirinis magically transform them into charming characters

“More than often, I find inspiration in food and objects that surround us in our everyday lives,” Zirinis admits. “I wonder what it would be like if they had a voice of their own. What would they say and how would they interact with each other?”

You can see much more of Zirinis’ funny illustrations on Instagram and purchase his work on Etsy.

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