Rendered by Naoto Hattori, these fantastical wide-eyed creatures seamlessly meld the myriad textures and colors found in nature into unusual hybrids. With inordinately large and glassy eyes, these creatures are usually fluffy, equipped with horns in surprising spots.

Whether it is a furry sea horse-like character or a large bulbous head floating mid-air, these wide-eyed creatures are musings on Hattori’s experiences. Be more specific, they reflect what Hattori has in his dream – “When I (am) lucid dreaming, I imagine myself as a floating hybrid creature or something in harmony with nature,”

Naoto Hattori creates surreal paintings of either disturbing or aesthetically beautiful works showing minuscule pieces of tiny, almost impossible detail. It might hard to believe, his working canvas generally don’t stretch more than six inches. With these tiny portraits he is somehow able to create depths of life-like quality. They contrast with chiaroscuro technique, allowing porcelain hues to stand out from darkening surroundings.

Hattori has many great works and here we only focus on these wide-eyed creatures. But you can find more on his Instagram or shop originals and prints on his site.

h/t: thisiscolossal

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