Impressive 3D Font Design

Sometimes, 3D effect can add depth to the picture and the words more outstanding. However, it doesn’t always work. I will list some design I found and share with my thought:

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A nice and cute 3D effect typo. But it seems hard to recognize what the typo for.

Nice work. Candy like color make the whole picture sweet and shining

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Golder color make the whole picture has sense of luxury. Personally though, it is more suitable for an background

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three cool and semi warm color make the summer a little bit cooler.

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Number 1 blended with the trees… A nice design.

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Personally like the texture on the words. the stone-like words feel like rocky. but the problem is, it is so hard to recognize what the words mean.

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Still a nice design, but just design. at least, I cannot know what those letters for.

I have to say, I though that it was not a nice one. All green and dark color make everything blended. those letters are hard to stand out from the background

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Still grass with stone type 3d words. not bad, Personally, I don’t like the glass like path.

I am a liitle bit lost for this one. Just can say, that is not my style.

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I like the color and paper-cut style decoration

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wooden like 3D typo. Maybe it is the font’s problem. I am not so with this one. and branch on the background also take attention away from the title.

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