Purely by folding, Polly Verity made these unique thee-dimensional portraits of human faces out of folded paper.

Using wet-folding technique (an origami technique that employs water to dampen the paper so that it can be manipulated more easily), Polly has to work against the clock. A sheet of dampened paper drying as she goes and the graceful curved lines appear and are then carefully accentuated. When the sheet of paper is dry it has locked in the new shape capturing the character of the person now defined. However, these faces can only be seen from one side. When you turn it over, you barely can know what is that.

Besides these impressive paper faces, Verity also created a lot of amazing 3D three-dimensional geometric repeat patterns in paper, which you can find on her Instagram or website. If you like her work, you can even order them from her site. It can be a very cool wall display. But I have to say, it is quite pricey for me. But what we can say, “Art is priceless”. So if you would like to pay $100 for a folding paper, I won’t make any comments.

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