Photographer Raj Mohan works a corporate job, but in his spare time, he is an award-winning wildlife photographer who loves exploring India’s rich biodiversity. For nearly a decade, he has traveled around the country and developed his aerial photography. One recent adventure included documenting the annual flamingo migration at Pulicat Lake in Tamil Nadu.

Each January, Pulicat Lake in Tamil Nadu, India, harbors tens of thousands of lanky, pink-feathered birds that gather in the warm waters during their annual migration. Approximately 20 flocks of flamingos land in the region in early November and stay until May, transforming the 750-square kilometers of brackish lagoons into breeding grounds for the long-legged creatures.

Mohan’s images were taken during what’s known as the annual flamingo festival, which “promote(s) tourism at Pulicat. Thanks to his aerial images, we can see the beautiful geometry of these flamingos as they spread out in clusters, creating different formations.

Below are some of Mohan’s amazing Flamingo Migration photos. Follow his Instagram so that you can enjoy the other stunning findings of Mohan during his creative journey.

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