Glass artist Shayna Leib is renowned for her remarkable creations that bring realistic glass desserts to life. However, her artistic journey stems from a deeply personal experience. Due to health reasons, Leib is unable to savor desserts like most people, prompting her to embark on a mission to replicate these tantalizing treats in the form of exquisite glass sculptures.

Driven by a desire to fill the void created by her dietary restrictions, Leib embarked on a therapeutic exercise in deconstruction and reimagining. In her own words, she describes her series Patisserie as a means to train her mind to view desserts as art forms rather than mere edibles. As she delved deeper into her craft, the project evolved into a technical puzzle, turning Leib into what she playfully refers to as a “food taxidermist” of French pastries.

To bring her glossy sculptures to life, Leib combines elements of porcelain and glass, employing a wide array of techniques from both mediums. Each faux dessert is meticulously crafted to achieve a hyperrealistic quality. Similar to the process of creating an authentic French pastry—rolling, glazing, baking, and trimming—Leib employs a multitude of methods such as hot-sculpting, fusing, casting, grinding, throwing, and even using pastry tubes that align with the theme. To explore more of her delectable imitations, you can visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Through her artistry, Shayna Leib not only satisfies her own longing for desserts but also captivates and delights audiences with her masterful glass interpretations. Her creations serve as a testament to the power of artistic expression and the boundless possibilities of transforming personal limitations into works of beauty.

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