How do you brighten your darkroom? When moving into a new space, you might encounter a gloomy house or darker rooms, which will require you to find ways of making them brighter. Such becomes challenging if structures surround your house or when your home has no large windows to let in the natural light. Many people end up getting many bulbs to light up their homes. You need to understand that having many bulbs increases your power consumption. Besides installing many light bulbs, there are many ways you can make your rooms brighter without breaking the bank. Here are some approved ways to brighten your home interior.

1.   Roof Lantern Blinds

One way of making your house brighter and capturing the natural light is by opening up your house ceiling to maximize the light flow. How do you do this? One efficient way you can do this is by having roof lantern blinds. With these lantern blinds, you can make your room lighter, more prominent, and energy-efficient since you will be using the natural light to brighten your home. Roof lantern blinds come in two types: the nonsupport wire-zip roller system and the pleated blinds system. They will help you solve the lighting problem and make your house look better, especially during the night. You can remote control the lantern blinds or incorporate them into your home automation system, making your life classic, full of light.

2.   Deep clean your windows

Most homeowners usually ignore this when finding light solutions for their houses. This step should be the first to take to check if you can increase your room lightning. Most homes are darker or dull because of the dirty or stained glass panes. Have a proper window cleaning detergent and a suitable cloth and get down to work. Ensure to clean your windows spotlessly and check on the lighting changes in your house. The window cleaning Houston services are also available in case you cannot do a thorough cleaning. With proper cleaning, you will be amazed by the increased light intensity inside your room. The cleaning will also make your space feel fresh and inviting to the outside environment.

3.   Use fairy lights and other light sources

Sometimes, you may want to add some lighting without overdoing it. If such is the case, you can consider installing fairy lights, candles, or other light sources to brighten your house. You can decorate your home with fairy light strings, orb lights, ambient lights, or having larger candles in your room. This type of lighting is mainly used at night to enhance the existing lighting in your home. Besides adding a touch of luminosity, these lighting measures make your room tremendous with a therapeutic feel. When adding these lights, you should go for the warm, yellow lights, which make your house welcoming, intimate, and with a calm atmosphere.

4.   Pick transparent or light-colored furniture

When buying sofas, beds, chairs, and tables, most people will favor their favorite color to match their taste. Some of these colors are dull, making a dark room darker. How you choose your furniture color greatly determines the lighting aspect of your home. If having a smaller, dimmer room, you shouldn’t go for dull colors, including grey or navy blue, for your furniture. It would be best to go for some lighter colors, including beige, white, or ivory, to make your room appear brighter. Such is essential if you don’t want to use more funds in upgrading your lighting and observing other means to make your house more colorful. Besides adding more light, brighter colors make your room more spacious and bigger and cut down additional costs you could have used to brighten your house.

Besides the sofa sets, you should only consider other bright colored furniture, including TV stands, tables, bed frames, wardrobes, and more.

5.   Embrace White walls

Which colors are your house walls? If you vacate to a house with dark or gloomy walls, they might be the cause of your home becoming darker. You will need to repaint the walls with brighter colors to increase the light intensity in your house. Which are the more brilliant paints? You can use white, cream, or beige for your walls. If you find having these colors for your walls becoming odd, you can consider mixing and matching different light colors to come up with a perfect theme for your house. With the light colors, you can bounce around your space, reflecting the incoming light to other unreachable places within your home. Having light colors for your house also makes the rooms bigger and spacious, and such can be made more exciting by adding ornamental trims on ceilings.

Other ways you can consider increasing light intensity in your house include having translucent or light curtains, adding glass mirrors to walls opposite the windows to reflect light, reducing the wall art, and aiming your lighting at the ceilings or walls. When you do this, you will see an increase in the brightness of your house.

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