Understandably, many of the household owners don’t really know exactly how to use a garden pod.

If anything, most of them use the pods are ornamental structures in their gardens, but usually have a vague idea of how to spend their time in it.

The good news is, we’ve compiled a list of the top six creative uses that you can turn your garden urbanpods into- these creative uses are bound to get the cogs of your imagination turning.

Outdoor Yoga Studio

If you’re tired of practicing your yoga in a sweaty-filled and less than relaxing gym environment, then you might consider moving your meditation regime in a serene and more natural setting.

See, garden pods, by their very nature, are natural and tranquil and ideal for users who are looking to get closer to Mother Nature.

Contrary to performing your yoga in a confined class, a garden pod will “free” your mind and body, and most importantly, refresh your soul.

Learning Musical Instruments

If you’ve always fancied learning the fiddle or even playing the guitar, a garden pod might actually be the best place to hone your skill.

Away from your main house, a garden pod will provide you with a distraction-free environment to master the skills of plucking the guitar.

Even better, the environment on the pod I naturally peaceful and tranquil, and will get you going hours on end without wearing down.

Another bonus of using your garden pod as the music practice room is that none of your siblings is going to hear your efforts in the early days.

Beauty Hideaway

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, who is desperate to open a new space for perfecting their beauty regime or even looking to go out of the norm and open a beauty business away from your home, a garden pod can act as the perfect beauty hideaway.

Besides offering a unique and charming setting for your beauty business, it creates an impression of professionalism, exactly what you need to get your beauty juices flowing.

A Small Woodworking Studio

If you’re a DIYer, with interest in woodworking, then there’s nothing better than moving out of your garage and instead of completing your tasks or even honing your skills in a garden pod.

Unlike the garage, a garden pod offers the peace of mind and quietness you need for a dedicated woodworking session. This is not to mention that it offers a clutter-free environment, and no bikes or spare parts are going to distract you from your task.

Studio Art

If you’re an artist, you know that for the optimal practice performance, the background setting should, in most cases, match the theme of your performance or rather a song.

Now, creating a background for every performance isn’t something that comes easily, and if anything, you can’t pack it away, and it sometimes takes even weeks to create a masterpiece.

And depending on the medium you’re working on, it takes a while before the several layers of paint dry, and this is why having a dedicated room for your practice performance is of the essence.

Rather than dominate your sleeping space or even the dining room, a garden pod would be an ideal space to perform all your music stuff without having to inconvenience other family members.

A Place to Hone your Writing

Given that garden pods offer a serene and quiet environment, it would only make sense that you use this setting to clear your head by writing your mind out.

The few distractions offered by the garden pods will provide the perfect opportunity to spill what you have on your head, and you never know, you might just write the best bestseller.

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