Sometimes, you will be amazed by the creative and clever mind, like the beautiful Omoshiro Japanese landmark memo set. While sometimes, it is quite speechless to some hmmm, quite unusual designs, like the feeling I have for the lettuce notepad in this article. Honestly, this unconventional notepad can’t fit any of my requirement for notepad.

According to the product description, this packaging is inspired by rows of leafy greens in transparent bags which you can find in Japanese’s supermarkets. The Tokyo Kakeru Lettuce Notepad is a set of 40 green and white sheets of paper crumbled and assembled in a way that looks like a real lettuce! Peel off the lettuce leaves one by one to write your notes at home or at the office, and make a pro-environment and pro-healthy diet statement with a stationery item that is also distinctively Japanese.

Do you really buy this idea? Somehow, I believe this green wrinkled paper will look more like trash instead of healthy/eco statement. And unless you tell the people clearly, they will never connect this with the message they are looking for. Especially, when the “leaf” got peeled off, it literally looks like a piece of used paper. [h/t] [buy from japantrendshop]

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