Instagram is a social media platform where the visual content that you post out there plays an important role and we tend to pay a lot of attention to the video, image or reel we post. Another thing about Instagram is that once the post is posted, you do not have the chance to rearrange the posts on your feed. Instagram has almost everyone on it, be it the big brand or influencers to freelancers to potential audience and customers.

Instagram is that one social media platform where people want everyone’s attention, and want people to notice them, their lives and everything they do. To do anything, be it be an influencer or even to spread awareness about an issue, you need one thing, and that is the attention of the people on the social media platform. The power Instagram has as a social media platform is incredulous because of the number of people using it, and just a few months ago, Instagram reached the target of one billion monthly active users. Instagram as a social media platform is one of the most effective and efficient tools in getting the attention of people and the message you want them to receive, that with the increased number of people coming on the platform, there is an increase in the competition as well. You can’t just click a photo or record a video and just post it on your social media handle, you need to have a well planned strategy on how you are going to increase your engagementand the attention you receive on this platform.

Now, coming to the different ways to make your account look stylish, here are a few which would help you:

Choose a consistent color palette that you like.

Making sure that you have a consistent color palette for your Instagram feed is one of the simplest and easiest ways in making your Instagram feed appealing and enticing to your viewers. You just need to think upon the colors or the color palette you would like to focus on and make sure that you follow that theme, those colors throughout your Instagram feed. Every post of yours do not have to be the same color or a single color, you can concentrate on more like warm or cold color schemes and choose a color in those color palettes or just choose different shades of those colors. Another simple way to incorporate this method is by choosing three colors that you would like to concentrate on, and use them in your posts. Know this that a consistent color palette makes sure that you have a consistent feed which is more appealing to the eyes of the viewer, and it makes your feed instantly recognizable.

Make sure you know what your subject is.

This point may seem easy and not really important, but this point is one of the most important points for your Instagram profile. If your posts are just another pretty post which does not bring in the engagement, you will not be able to see traction coming towards your social media profile which will leave you wondering where you went wrong. You need to ask yourself what is the subject of your social media account? What do you want to focus on? What do your followers like? Which are the posts that get the most amount of engagement? What do my followers want out of my feed? These are the questions that you should be asking yourself and adding value to your posts and in overall, your Instagram feed.

Plan your Instagram feed layout well.

A lot of people on Instagram just upload posts quite randomly and do not realize the value of thinking ahead and planning their feed before posting. Paying attention to how you can group your posts well on the feed will not only up your game on the social media platform but also make your Instagram handle much more appealing to your audience. While posting pictures that are visually appealing to your audience is the first and foremost step, planning your feed layout is equally important and vital to your growth.

Utilize natural lighting to the point that you can exploit it.

Good lighting for your Instagram posts is a hard yes, it is that rule that you cannot break, no matter what is the cost. Low quality images are often because of bad lighting and this could literally spoil all the efforts that you have taken in order to get the perfect picture, from the color palette to the theme and everything else. Good lighting does half the work for you, and helps you take better pictures as well. Natural lighting is one of the best things that could ever happen to your picture and you will even be able to take higher quality photos for your Instagram feed where the sharpness and the quality of the image would be ten times better than the one taken in bad lighting or even good lighting.

So, when it comes to designing your Instagram feed, you can see that it does not only involve your pictures looking aesthetic enough, it requires a lot more work that goes in maintaining the layout of the feed, as well as the theme of your whole feed. Another thing to keep in mind is that even if you have made sure that your Instagram feed looks visually appealing and attractive, if you have to optimized your feed well enough, there are high chances that all your efforts would go in vain, and all those plans will be of no use to you, so make sure that your Instagram profile is well optimized as well.

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