The Dolce Vita is alive and well in Italy. So many people travel there to get a taste of the sweet life for themselves. The problem is that vacation for a couple of weeks is not enough. If you really want to live that lifestyle you have to move to Italy. When you live there you can truly experience everything that Italy has to offer.

In this article, we will go over what some of those reasons are so you can get motivated to make the move. Once you’ve decided to make the move you just need to call your local Italian consulate, read some car shipping company reviews, and then book your tickets!

1 – Excellent healthcare

Italy is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to healthcare. The doctors are all well trained and extremely thorough. The hospitals all have state-of-the-art equipment and can handle just about any type of treatment or surgery. All of that and more for essentially free.

The way it works is similar to a Medicare-for-all type of situation. All the doctors are in private practice and they simply bill the government for any visits or procedures. The government doesn’t employ doctors as they do in the UK with their NHS system. The government acts as the insurance company and pays for the care which is then taken out of your taxes.

There is a big focus on preventative care to help you avoid becoming very sick, to begin with. As a result, Italy has one of the healthiest populations on the planet and some of the longest living as well. Once you are in the Italian healthcare system you can expect better outcomes than what you normally expect and at a very low cost since it is paid for by your tax dollars.

2 – The education system

Italy has a highly educated population thanks to its dedication to giving students a holistic education. If you have children then they will benefit from an education system that prioritizes critical thinking and being a well-rounded individual. They fund the schools well so they are able to enjoy things like art classes, philosophy, and music. These are subjects that help children learn how to learn.

When they finish high school, they can then enter the university which is free for some people and affordable for everybody else.

3 – The culture

Italians really know how to live. They work hard but have perfected the ideal work-life balance. This is because they work to live and they don’t live to work.

As a result, there is time to take in the culture of the place. The entire country is like an open-air museum with stunning architecture and art everywhere you look. The history is evident on a daily basis and you have plenty of free time to enjoy it.

The food culture is also a reason on its own to live in Italy. There is such an emphasis on fresh ingredients and delicious preparation that it makes Italy a destination for foodies all over the world.

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