Interesting Concept Design from Benz Roadster

Benz recently unveiled heir line of “F-Series” concept vehicles which draws its inspiration from a diverse variety of automotive eras. It uniquely combines state-of-the-art technologies with the history of vehicle construction.

concept design from benz roadsterOld fashioned pedicab vs F-CELL Roadster

From a functional standpoint, it is controlled with drive-by-wire technology, and a joystick takes the place of a conventional steering wheel. The vehicle is powered by the emission-free fuel cell system located at the rear. With a power rating of 1.2 kW hybrid drive the F-CELL Roadster reaches a top speed of 25 km/h and has an operating range of up to 350 km.

concept design from benz roadsteremission-free fuel cell system

concept design from benz roadster

concept design from benz roadsterJoystick instead of conventional steering wheel

concept design from benz roadsterCarbon-fiber bucket seats with hand-stitched leather covers

From a design standpoint, however, is where the F-CELL Roadster truly shines, as it manages to blend the overall aura of the original Benz patent motor car with seating and a fiberglass front section both drawn from elements of Formula One racing.

concept design from benz roadsterFiberglass front section, based on the component from the Formula One racing bolides.

concept design from benz roadster

concept design from benz roadster

concept design from benz roadster

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