UK-based artist Richard Berner‘s drawing might not look that special at the first glance. But you will definitely be shocked when you take a close look.

Berner’s pen illustrations consist of hundreds of thousands of little surprises. Rose, shoes, bug, wave or skull, each of items are packed with numerous tiny people, looking like tiny lost souls screaming out into the ether.

Berner studied art in Brighton, where he first developed a fascination with his tiny ghost-like figurines. While he fondly refers to them as “champs,” they’ve been called a variety of other names, including “lost souls” and “lemmings.”

The champs are based on a simplified human form and rendered with expressive, minimal line work. Although these tiny champs are placed together to create a large pattern, each one is completely unique from the other.

Among all the illustration works featured on the site, I have to say Berner’s drawing is definitely one of the most unique ones. If you like Berner’s work, you can following him on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work. You can even purchase prints and original artwork on his website.

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