Food carving is not something new. Pumpkin, watermelon, radish, apple are common materials that artists use for food carving. However, today we will show you something not that common – broccoli carving.

Japanese food artist Gaku is known for his intricate food carvings. Using Japanese technique known as mukimono – carving images into the skins of fruits and vegetables or shaping them into elaborate forms, he created some interesting broccoli creatures.

The broccoli fish, the latest creation of Gaku, appears to be mid-leap from its watery habitat. The whole fish took around three hours to complete. Each of its individual scales is chiseled out in detail. Gaku meticulously shaped its tail fin from the head of the broccoli stalk, shaving down the florets to their smooth center to mimic the flowing aquatic appendage. The artist even left on some of the buds at the ends to give the visual effect of a spraying splash as the fish jumps out of the water.

Probably broccoli is one of most difficult material to use. Gaku only have handful other broccoli creations besides the fish. But he has many other amazing sculptures carved out of more common fruit and vegetable, like squash. Now, scroll down to see Gaku’s incredible broccoli carving. Of course, you can also head over to his Instagram for more.

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