For many people, matching furniture is the epitome of taste, and a massive component of their dream living room. When your living room furniture matches, you might think all is well in the world, and a cohesive living room appeals to many households.

It won’t appeal to everyone however, and many interior design specialists suggest mixing and matching living room furniture is the best option. For some, matched furniture is outdated, and mismatched furniture is the current trend that is worth talking about.

The good thing is, with your home, you can choose whatever you live. Whether your living room furniture matches or you believe mismatched furniture is the best way to style your living space, you have the freedom and opportunity to add furniture pieces as you see fit.

This guide hopefully provides a helpful starting point in determining what style you need in your living room.

Pre existing décor guidelines tended towards matched furniture

There is no denying that for many years, matched living room furniture was held up as the height of good taste and style. A matching set looks good together, and it suggested a sense of class.

For many people, this is still the case, and it always will be. You know many homes, with the exception of accent pieces here and there, are created around a unified living room style.

And that’s great, but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, a furniture match is too dull and repetitive, with furniture matches seeming drab or unimaginative. If you have a vibrant personality, you can’t hope to showcase it with matching pieces and a singular approach.

Where to begin in creating a living room with matched furniture?

Many people begin with a single item, and with a couch often being the focal point in your living area, other buying decisions evolve from there. It is easy to see why some people want to create balance, and will choose matching upholstered furniture, or even a matching set of chairs with a consistent small scale pattern.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and this is why a lot of people like to mix things around. Accent pieces stand out for a good reason, and might make your home feel livelier, and less staid.

Matching furniture is orderly

A matched home is an orderly home, but for some people, a well-matched space is a one way ticket to feeling bored. This is why sometimes a single chair or coffee table is perfect to add a dash of colour or spirit to the entire room.

Making living room furniture match can be simple

There are many ways to make things match, and they don’t have to be the overriding element of a piece of furniture. Opting for a similar texture across a range of items, even a similar arm or leg style on your couch and chairs is a way to connect your furniture.

Whether you opt for hard materials, such as steel finishes, traditional wood finishes or softer fabrics, you can coordinate an overall look without being overly similar.

You can use similar shapes, such as round tables, cabinets, accent chairs and even a coffee table to create a cohesive look at home, without having matching furniture at every turn.

Colours are a great way to create a style too. If you need help, a handy colour wheel allows you to quickly see colours that work together, and which complement a room’s design.

Some people enjoy featuring complementary colours, while others pair colours opposite to what is next to them. Accent colours can transform the mood or look of a room, so choose a paint colour carefully.

You can also pair your living room with your dining room, creating a consistent feel across the significant portion of both spaces. If you’re matching a number of rooms, choose a focal point in your home decor, and match furniture pieces from there.

You can have mismatched furniture but if your coffee table aligns with your dining table, you have a handy starting point in creating a cohesive living room and dining room.

Not every home needs matching furniture to look great

There is a lot to be said for a cohesive look in your living room, but what works best for you, might not work for the next person. There is no general rule for living room décor, even when it comes to the idea of a style being outdated. Some people prefer older time periods, so what is outdated in one household might be retro, nostalgic or curiously kitsch in another.

If you have a clear vision for your living room, choosing the most appropriate living room furniture is the most important thing, not anyone else’s ideas on fashion, style or whether something is outdated.

Can you mix modern design with traditional furniture items?

Yes, you can do anything you want. Adding new modern furniture to existing furniture sets happens for many reasons, be it replacing worn or broken pieces or making a more joyful interior setting. There are no limits or rules for furniture choices, and whether you are mixing patterns or creating visual interest, you have complete freedom with home décor.

 Where to buy mismatched furniture pieces?

Shopping at various retailers provides you with a chance to stamp a personal style on your home, creating a look that is uniquely you. Of course, you can also save money by having more flexibility where you shop, which is always worth considering.

Mismatched pieces offer opportunity, adding different styles to a room, and many so-called interior design experts agree.

Whether you love incorporating as many things as possible, whether you want to shake things up a little, or you want to see what’s available, give yourself the chance to see what is on offer before you create the living room that is ideal for you, and which showcases real character.

Whether you should mismatch furniture in living rooms is an age old question, but the answer is down to you.


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