When you want to make a loved one a pleasure, you are looking for something unique and special. The best option for such a special gift will be heart style pendants https://www.fjewellery.co.uk/en/pendants-heart/. Such an accessory will be an excellent present for a girlfriend, close friend, mother or sister. And if you buy paired pendants and wear them together, like two halves of one loving heart, it will be very romantic and cute.

The easiest way to choose such original accessorise is inexpensive in the Fjewellery online catalog, where you will find the most pleasant prices for all precious products and the most loyal service. But first, a little more details about these delicate accessories.

Symbol connecting lovers

The heart is the oldest and most popular sign in the whole world. Most store counters are filled with goods of a similar shape:

  • pillows,
  • postcards,
  • candles,
  • sweets,
  • souvenirs,
  • decor,
  • etc.

People make themselves tattoos in the form of hearts and give each other cute little things as a sign of their warmest feelings. This symbol is universal and even people speaking different languages will equally understand its meaning.

Its origins are closely related to the myths and stories of Ancient Greece. This symbol is associated with the majestic gods of antiquity: the cheerful patron saint of winemaking Dionysus, the beautiful and brilliant Aphrodite, the golden-haired patron of the arts Apollo and others.

But there is another, even more beautiful and romantic legend about its origin. Many people associate this symbol with two swans. When two birds swim up to each other, they form a silhouette of a heart, touching with their beaks. A pair of swans is inseparable – they stay together for life and symbolize sincere love and fidelity.

During the Renaissance, this sign became a symbol of Cupid, and the Catholic Church associated it with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

And if you want to tell your beloved about your feelings and make an unforgettable gift – a precious heart is the perfect choice!

Accessory that keeps love

If we compare it with other jewellery in the form of hearts, then a locket or a pendant with a chain is the cutest and most touching option. Laconic and elegant – it goes well with other accessorise, and hiding it under clothes – it will be as close to your heart as possible.

If the jewellery isn’t of a larger size, it’s also worn not only on the neck on a chain. It will look original if you hang it on a bracelet or a pin and wear it on your clothes as a brooch. Such pendants are even paired – they are divided into two halves, each of which keeps memories of the most pleasant moments – the feeling that your loved one is always with you.

And if you decide to make such a romantic gift and are now looking for where to buy a gold or silver pendant – the assortment of the Fjewellery store is at your service! The site contains detailed photos of each model, as well as all the necessary descriptions and characteristics. Also, you will be very pleased with the lowest price and the most comfortable terms of payment and delivery. Give happiness and love, and we’ll help you with this!

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