Japanese artist テセ松 Tesematsu (@Tesematsu) has made a name for himself by creating Escher style tessellations. He carefully designs his works with 3D software, planning out the often complex interlocking pieces required to make a seamlessly tessellated pattern, then prints out the pieces with a 3D printer. Tesematsu’s latest creation is Kirin ball. Kirin, a mythical beast known in Chinese as qilin, an auspicious hooved chimerical creature appearing in the mythologies of China, Korea and Japan. It is typically portrayed with dragon-like features, with the body of a deer, scales like a dragon, a tail like an ox, and a flowing mane.

It’s truly remarkable when you consider that this ball is made of 60 pieces, each one of them a kirin, and that not a single drop of glue was used to fit them together!

Besides “Kirin Ball”, Tesematsu also created other stunning three-dimensional tesselated creations such as “Dragon Ball” and “Phoenix Ball”. Currently, there are no ways to purchase such 3D tesselated creations. But the good new is, Tesematsu is currently considering commercializing. Hopefully, we can see these on market in the near future.

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