Buying a gift for a co-worker can feel like an obligation or a chore, but if you think about it in this way then it could be a burden for both you and the recipient.

To help find the best presents for the people you work with and put a smile on everyone’s face, yours included, here are the top things to consider before you get started.

Humor can make a gift memorable

If you are at a loss as to what to buy for a colleague, the temptation can be to go for something generic and forgettable.

However, finding a funny gift for a coworker is a good idea because it will brighten their day and also act as a conversation piece that could get the whole office talking.

Funny Chicken Claws Socks

Of course you also need to judge the vibe and make sure that the gift is entertaining without being over-the-top. Stick to the quirky end of the spectrum and perhaps even opt for a personalized gift that reminds them of good times, or something edible, rather than a mass-produced item which could cause offence.

Hobbies are a great starting point

A gift will be far more appreciated if it is of personal significance to the receiver. You may not know your co-workers that well, but aside from asking them about their hobbies and pastimes outright to steer your gift-buying, you can also ask others in the office or even check out their social media feeds for clues as to what they like to get up to outside of the office.

Should none of your efforts turn up any fruitful leads, you could always buy a gift that inspires a potential new hobby. Whether you get them a craft kit to introduce them to knitting, or book them a lane at the local bowling alley, a gift that involves an activity will always be welcome.

Petite Zebra Plant

Budget is important

In any office gift-giving scenario, you need to endeavor to set a budget and stick to it. This is necessary to avoid over or under-spending on a gift, as well as making sure that every team member feels like they are receiving equal treatment, rather than any favoritism being involved.

For more significant milestones, it makes sense to organize a collective gift from the whole team, which can help give you a bigger budget to work with while still keeping everything fair and even.

If necessary, be discrete

It is entirely possible that you can form stronger bonds and relationships with certain co-workers than with others, to the point that they become close friends outside of the office as well as within it.

Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

If this is the case, you may want to get into your own gift-giving habits, and go beyond the usual office etiquette that has been established in terms of budget and frequency. In such a scenario it makes sense to handle this as you would any other personal relationship and keep your gift-giving outside of the office, rather than in front of colleagues who may not understand the dynamic.

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