Get ready to embrace the cuteness overload as Krispy Kreme pays homage to Japan’s adored shima enaga, the long-tailed tit. A delightful surprise awaits doughnut lovers as Krispy Kreme unveils an exclusive long-tailed tit doughnut, making its appearance at select locations in Hokkaido. And let’s be real, this creamy matcha treat is just as adorable as the fluffy little critter it’s inspired by!

Introducing the Krispy Kreme Premium Hokkaido Shima enaga Green Tea & Azuki – a doughnut masterpiece where a charming long-tailed tit playfully pops out of a doughnut infused with Uji matcha green tea. But that’s not all – the face of this whimsical creation is crafted from Hokkaido milk cream, known for its luxurious richness. The delicate facial features of the snow fairy are skillfully painted using the finest chocolate, adding an artistic touch to every bite. To enhance the experience even further, this doughnut indulgence is crowned with a lavish topping of red bean paste made from Hokkaido’s prized azuki red beans. And if that weren’t enough, a sprinkle of powdered sugar evokes the serene snowy ambiance of the bird’s natural habitat.

So, whether you’re a fan of feathery friends or simply crave extraordinary flavors, Krispy Kreme is delivering an enchanting experience that captures the essence of Hokkaido’s culinary magic. Head over to their special locations in Hokkaido to relish these limited-time doughnut wonders that promise to satisfy your taste buds and ignite your cuteness quotient.

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h/t: japantoday

Recreation of Long-tailed Tit (Shima Enaga) in Food Form

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