Life Gadget Design 6

Welcome to our Monday routine Life Gadget Design. As usual, 10 creative, bizarre or even silly designs will be presented here. Hope you enjoy!

1. Quilt Cover

The quilt cover in the picture is called the Hypochondriac, by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs.It just so cool that can easily scare people…. [link]

Life gadget design

2. Cabinet Like Suitcase

Do you know a vintage suitcase can be a wall cabinet? The suitcase in below picture seems like perfect for a traveler,loaded with amazing cabinet-like features such as shelves and drawers, plus extra cool stuff like pull switch lights, a magnifying accordion mirror that and all kinds of straps. [link]

Life gadget designThat one does look like a weird design for me. lol

3. Daniel Loves Objects

Daniel Loves Objects is the call sign for a brilliant Singapore-based designer behind some rather unusual furniture pieces. following two are the designs of bookshelf and lighting.[link]

Life gadget designArmy Hold Bookshelf

Life gadget designHuman-shape Lighting

4. Hero 3 ICU iPod Jacket

The Hero 3 ICU iPod Jacket is the Audio/Mp3/iPod Snowboard Jacket features a dedicated iPod pocket with Fibertronic’s connected-wear controls integrated into the sleeve for use of the iPod without the need to expose it to the elements.[link]

Life gadget design

5. KOZO Lamps

The KOZO Lamps are handmade by Design2009 studio. The KOZO series lighting made of galvanized iron parts, Cool Tap light switch, and house a light bulb or a halogen light bulb! [link]

Life gadget designSometimes, those raw and alive materials give more impressive than those highly polished.

6. Funky toothpick holder

This toothpick holder is made from waste pine wood from furniture factories. finished with water based paints and varnishes. For me, it just look awesome in that funky bright color.[link]

Life gadget design

7. Plug with a Hole Concept

Pulling out a plug is not a hard work, but it is not always an easy task. Therefore, you need a better solution. This plug comes with a circular cut-out which can help you pull it out easily. [link]

Life gadget design

8. Portable Fishbowl

Somebody walk dog, and somebody walk FISH!
If your fish is your best friend, take him with you in this portable fishbowl by Michal Shabtiali. [link]

Life gadget design

Life gadget design

9. United States BookShelf [link]

Life gadget design

10. PILEUS: Internet Umbrella

Pileus is an interactive medium of an umbrella to make city exploring fun. Pileus has a big screen on its inside surface, and a camera and embedded sensors on its grip. Then it provides natural embodied interaction with web services to make city walking more interactive.[link]

Life gadget designI have to say, it is a crazy design…
Surf internet during walking. The rate of traffic accident must be soared.

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6 Responses

  1. Jonathan | says:

    Terrific post! I always enjoy your great photos and posts on this blog. I recently featured Design Swan in one of my posts. This is one of the best Photoblogs on the Net.

    Thanks for sharing


  2. pongscrpt says:

    I think the internet umbrella is worse than driving while using a mobile phone.

  3. blufindr says:

    I don’t think the fishbowl idea is all that safe for fish…
    Especially if some moron decides to take his betta out, and then come home and plunk it back into the heated aquarium.
    Temperature shock, anyone?

  4. meiliken says:

    I think the poster needs a better understand of the english language as well as knowing spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. These elements would make this design posting better and earn more credibility.

  5. meiliken says:

    understanding even

  1. February 18, 2013

    […] 4. Quilt Cover [link] […]

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