It’s been said that eyes are the windows to the soul. But in this project by Jyo John Mulloor, eyes become the windows to things around us. It can be ocean, mountain, cave, cute forest animals or even, hmm, eggs.

Named as “Don’t believe your eyes“, Dubai-based digital artist Jyo John Mulloor superimposed a range of spectacular images onto real-life eyes, creating surreal artwork with a mind-boggling contradiction in scale. In this series, piercing blue eyes have been transformed to water and clouds; while velvety golden-brown peepers are now home to a squirrel, a bird, and a mysterious railway track.

Some of these eyes are really beautiful while some are quite bizarre (egg yolk eyes). The squirrel and bird ones are amazing but my favorite one is the cave diving one for sure. Now, take a look at my favorite pictures of this collection. And if you like Mulloor’s work, you can head over to artist’s behance page. You are sure to find more surreal artwork here.

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