Although I personally don’t like winter, I have to admit winter is beautiful – a different kind of beauty you can never find in the colorful three other seasons. When landscape is covered with white and you start to enjoy the tranquility you might not be able to feel in the other seasons, you will start to appreciate all of these. And Japanese photographer wasabitool actually capture such indescribable beauty in his amazing photos of Kyoto during winter.

Wasabitool visited some of Kyoto’s sacred temples and shrines, where he managed to capture their mysterious beauty. Wasabitool’s atmospheric images showcase the winter wonderland at its best. From temple to lantern, from small path to arch bridge. My favorite photos are those captured in the evening when the sky start to turn dark and the lanterns are lit. Scroll down to check out wasabitool’s amazing Kyoto winter series and find more from his portfolio on Instagram and Twitter.

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