Magical Bike – growing with kids

The tricky thing about buying a bike (or anything else) for a kid is that there’s a 99.9-percent certainty they’ll outgrow it. The genius behind the bike introduced in this blog is that while they’re between the ages of 6 and 12, the bike will grow with them.

Magical Bike - growing with kids

It’s called the “Kilobike” and it’s totally magical. It’s a concept by German firm Kilo Design, comes with swappable joints in the frame’s top tube, which expand it out diagonally. When teamed with standard seat- and handlebar-height adjustments, these joints allow the bike to grow right along with a child’s ever-lengthening limbs while ensuring they ride with proper ergonomics. Not to mention saving mom and dad a few dollars over the years.

Magical Bike - growing with kids

[via kilodesign, popsci ]

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