Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka (previous) stands out with his playful tiny dioramas. He creates miniatures out of ordinary everyday items, giving them a new meaning. The artist has been making and photographing these Miniature Worlds since 2011. The photos are updated daily on his website, earning it the name “Miniature Calendar.”

“Everyone must have had thoughts like these before,” Tatsuya writes on his ‘Miniature Calendar’ website. “Broccoli and parsley may sometimes look like a forest of trees, and tree leaves floating on the surface of water may sometimes look like little boats.“ Using these ordinary everyday items like sugar cube, pasta, fruit, brush, and even toilet paper, Tatsuya turns them into the foundation of his miniature worlds.

Tatsuya’s ingenious creativity is the kind of delightful levity we need and with more than 2 million followers on Instagram, you can enjoy his daily creations directly on your feed!

You can even buy Tanaka’s MINIATURE LIFE CALENDAR 2023 if you love Tanaka’s Magical Miniature Worlds.

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