I grew up with Super Mario Bothers. From the very first Nintendo Entertainment System to game boy, to Wii, then to Switch, Mario bothers are just so classic and unforgettable. Not sure why, I never imagine how Mario inspired food should look like. But when I saw these pictures , I know immediately they should look like!

These food are provided in Kinopio’s Cafe within Super Nintendo World, an area dedicated to Mario’s universe in Universal Park in Osaka, Japan.

As the name suggested, Mario inspired food, so no doubt the food offered there must have some kind of Mario style. But it is not only the style, some of the dishes look like straight out of the world of the mustached plumber. Do you want calzones with Japanese noodles enclosed in green shells? Or a Tiramisu Block which bears strong resemblances to the mystery blocks of the game? Maybe some Piranha Plant Caprese, or even a Toad-shaped Pizza Bowl?

Now, I really hope Corvid can be over soon and I can visit that magic place full of my childhood’s memory. Finger cross.

h/t: fubiz.net

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