Project: Tel Aviv triplex
Architects: Shira Lavi BD
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Photo Credits: Shai Gil

In modern interior design, monochromatic and minimalist is quite common requirement. However, it is not that often clients want their interiors in dark, or more specific, black. The total area of the Tel Aviv triplex apartment is 250 sqm, its surrounded by a garden of 400 sqm overlooking the landscape of the open fields which located between two cities.

The entrance area is a bit small, 55sqm, compared with the needs of the clients. To create a sense of inviting and spacious space to the relatively small entrance area, the designer has to open things up and create a airy feeling. It is the reason that a separation made of iron mesh is built between the kitchen and stairs, so the natural light and air can flow freely. I can understand that, but considering what they have placed on the mesh shelf, I don’t think it is a nice idea. It just make me wash my dish before use every-time since I quite worry about the dust flying due to climb stairs.

To balance the cold feeling brought by the monochromatic and minimalist look, round and soft finishing / light fixtures are used to create a inviting and warm feeling. Overall, it is a nice home but just not my cup of tea. And using mesh as an open kitchen shelf for dish besides stait is a BIG X for me.

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