Not sure what to do for the holidays this year? Maybe give some unusual twist to our traditional holiday candy – candy cane. The fabulous online novelty retailer Archie McPhee has a special line of unusually flavored candy canes.

Seriously, I never thought my candy cane can taste like a bowl of pho, cooked mushroom. These two are not too bad since their colors don’t like the normal ones so you might be alerted when put them in your mouth. But the pickle and ketchup ones, they just look like our normal canes but don’t taste similar at all. Need something to surprise your guests or even yourself, these weird flavored candy cane can do the job for sure.

Mushroom Candy Canes [buy on amazon]

Pho Candy Cane [buy on amazon]

Ketchup Candy Canes [buy on mcphee]

Pickle Candy Canes [buy on amazon], [buy on mcphee]

Bacon Candy Canes [buy on amazon], [buy on mcphee]

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes [buy on amazon], [buy on mcphee]

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