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Cucamelon: a Grape Size Watermelon Looking Cucumber

When I first saw cucamelon (Melothria scabra), I actually thought it was another generic-changing food. Forgive my ignorance, this grape-size mini cucumber is actually native to Mexico and Central America. Although its watermelon looking,...


Monster Cookies and Baked Demons by Christine H McConnell

Los Angeles based Christine H McConnell is a multi-talented person. Besides artist, photographer, model, stylist, she is also an excellent baker. She creates terrifying yet delicious pastries, confections and cakes that look like monsters,...


Sweet Lover? How About Insect Candy?

I guess even the sweetest tooth might find these confections easy to resist. From worm lollipops to chocolate-dipped scorpions these bizarre concoctions could be from the dark mind of a twisted witch. Californian based...