Since the technology of 3D printing get popular, there are so many 3D-printed things you can find on market. The price of the machine varies, and you can even have a simple one at home if you want, which costs only around $250 (check amazon). However, no matter how many 3D-printed things I’ve seen, I never thought there would be something called 3D-printed Sushi.

Personally, I love Sushi and I think the process of making Sushi is a kind of art. While the new type of Sushi offered by a Tokyo restaurant called Sushi Singularity, uses 3D printing technology and aim to offer “hyper-personalized” to each guest’s health and nutrient needs.

In addition to the restaurant’s alternative method to food preparation, guests are required to submit biological samples (via a health test kit) when making a reservation. Biometric and DNA data gathered from these custom kits will inform a personalized nutrient infusion. So the restaurant can prepare encoded sushi, customized to each guest’s nutrient needs, is then artfully produced by 3D printers and laser technology.

Sushi Singularity is an attempt to “break away from conventional concepts of food.” How do you like this idea? Honestly, it makes me a bit uncomfortable and I don’t want to give up my DNA information for the “Healthy” machine printed food. Most important, these “Sushi” just don’t look like food to me anymore. No matter how artistic they look like. To me, food is food. They need to look like food.

h/t: mymodernmet

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