If you are looking to revamp your home lighting, your first thought would probably be to call a licensed electrician who can help you bring your dreams to reality. Before calling any electrical contractors, however, you should consider what you truly want for your home.

Are you looking for something chic and on-trend, or would you rather your home reflect a certain bohemian flair?

No matter what you want in terms of style and functionality, your licensed electrician is in the strongest place to help you out when you have some sort of idea of what you want.

Here are some of the latest trends in both indoor and outdoor lighting trends, to help you amplify your curb appeal and create a more welcoming, stylish interior:

Outdoor Lighting Trends

Staircase Lighting

If you have outdoor staircases anywhere on your property, you probably already know they can be a tripping hazard at night.

Fortunately, with the help of cleverly placed fixtures or even portable lights, you can improve the safety of your home while providing a source of ambient light at the same time. It’s a win for safety and a win for style.

New Interior Lighting Trends

Outdoor Fixtures

Ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting. You’ve probably already heard these terms, but primarily in discussions surrounding indoor spaces.

However, if curb appeal is something you value, you should consider whether outdoor fixtures could benefit your home’s appearance. Outdoor fixtures do not have to be at eye level. Toronto homeowners are standing out with outdoor fixtures on their balconies, rooftops and upper-floor windows, among other locations.

These outdoor fixtures may provide ambient lighting, but they can also be useful for accent lighting as well. If you have a pool, for example, some lighting fixtures nearby will improve your safety and even make it possible to enjoy a night time swim in the summer.

String Lighting

A simple and often low-cost option for backyards, string lighting is a popular trend right now. Even if you have outdoor fixtures in your yard, string lighting can wrap around fences, balconies or patio areas.

Although you can sift through a diverse selection of string lighting at most hardware stores, you may still need the help of electrical contractors in order to have access to outdoor electrical outlets.

New Interior Lighting Trends

Indoor Lighting Trends

Rethinking Pot Lighting

As it is, pot lighting offers homeowners a number of benefits: they are more subtle than mounted fixtures, are great for automated dimming systems, and excel at providing accent lighting.

However, even many of the best electrical contractors will fail their clients by failing to imagine pot lighting outside the conventional, basic white trim.

New Interior Lighting Trends

Great ways to maximize your use of pot lights is to opt for modular fixtures that hold moveable lights, allowing you to control the amount of light in a space and where light is dispersed in any given room. With the flick of a button, you can dramatically change the light in a room as you see fit, giving you the ultimate say over your home’s lighting situation.

Having Fun With Mounted Lights

Although pot lights are more popular than ever, people are getting truly creative with mounted lights.

From the eclectic and eye-popping to the chic and sophisticated, there are countless styles available to tie together any room. One particular trend when it comes to mounted lights is multi-bulb fixtures, which can offer unique styles and a better-lit room.

New Interior Lighting Trends

Floor Lamps

Mounted ceiling lights are great, but depending on them alone can make your home lighting boring.

To spice things up, consider trendy lamps. Like with mounted lights, there is no shortage of fun styles to try. Although table lamps offer practical lighting, a tall floor lamp can illuminate a wider space while serving as a bold statement piece in your home.

New Interior Lighting Trends

Incorporating Accent Lighting Into Everyday Life

Consider the spaces where you need the most lighting: the bathroom mirror where you tend to your personal grooming, your bedroom closet where you choose your outfit every day, your kitchen counter where you do most of your meal prep.

With subtle lighting bars or small accent lighting fixtures, you can give these spaces the boost of illumination that they need while maintaining a classy, sophisticated appearance.

New Interior Lighting Trends

Getting Started

Hopefully, with the right inspiration and a handy knowledge of the latest trends, you will be well-prepared to being contacting electrical contractors and working towards making your current home your dream home.

For the best licensed electricians in the Toronto area, consider contacting Hotwire Electric. Along with providing the expertise, you need to take your home lighting to the next level, they ensure that all projects they take on are collaborative. No matter what you envision for your home, Hotwire Electric can allow you to lead the way by putting your goals and ideas first.

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