No matter you like or not, face mask has become a part of our life in these days. However, there are still many people don’t take this deadly global virus seriously. I have to agree, in the most time, wearing a mask isn’t a unpleasant experience, especially for people like me, who has to wear glasses. Unless you have such type of mask with breath valve, fog will on your glasses and you will feel uncomfortable.

Hej studio, a multidisciplinary food branding and design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark challenged themselves to create face masks that are more natural and pleasant to wear. These masks, which are made from cabbage, fennel, tortillas, and other edibles. Of course, they are not protective at all but they do try to offer a more humorous and friendlier look at the current state of affairs. Or maybe just a reminder, having something is better than nothing?

Although that is just a kind of art, I do wonder, should we actually produce some of these food looking face mask, it will be pretty fun to wear, especially when they are reaslistic enough. Like the coconut one.

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