Force Perspective Photography (our previous collection) isn’t something new and creative photographers can always find a new way to create optical illusion and fool us. The optical illusion happens when the background and foreground of a photo seem to interact due to the photo’s composition.

In most times, this Force Perspective Photography is used to create some funny scene. But it can also be beautiful and magical. Like the Portugal based photographer Hugo Suissas, he can create surreal, mind-bending, and magical photographs by using forced perspective techniques. Every single photograph has a different story and a different idea. They help us see the dull and boring world in a newer and funnier way.

We handpicked several interesting ones from Hugo’s Instagram page. Some of them are pretty normal usage of forced perspective techniques, while some of them are quite unique. At least it is my first time to see such creative pictures. And some of them are mind-bending, I need to star it a while to figure it out.

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