We have featured many compact designs in our site, such as “Furniture Transformer – Boxetti collection“, “Apartment therapy: small home, cool spaces “, “Domestic Transformer – 24 room configurations” and so on…Today we will introduce you another incredible compact and portable design – kruikantoor.

Portable Office made from EPS Foam
kruikantoor‘ is a portable office made from EPS foam and covered with a coating of polyurea hotspray. the office, consisting of 2 chairs, a table, light, electricity connection and storage, can be put together into one entire unit or taken apart to create a complete office environment. equipped with wheels, ‘kruikantoor’ allows users to swiftly change work locations.

Portable Office made from EPS FoamYou can move your office via those wheels at the bottom
Portable Office made from EPS FoamTwo chairs for you and your visitor
Portable Office made from EPS FoamHere is your desk
Portable Office made from EPS FoamAnd now, we are settled… that is our portable office ‘kruikantoor’
Well, that a great idea for a compact unity for transport, but I get an unconfortable overall feeling about this. Nonetheless, still clever idea with lots of potential. Keep up the good work! Just imagine an office filed with a lot of Kruikantoor units. Wouldn’t that be fun? lol


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