Using everyday objects interacting with illustrations isn’t something new. HoweverChristoph Niemann can always find a creative way to interact these things to spur a quirky drawing featuring the random object. Imbued with humor, the cleverly arranged compositions turn a pair pliers to part of human body or a sock into a dinosaur’s head. These illustrations can easily put a smile on your face.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Niemann has been working from his studio in Berlin. During the lockdown, the artist is spending a lot of time just drawing and turning these drawings into silkscreens and linocuts. According to Niemann, he’s enjoyed the increased focus and routine of recent months. He has been at his drawing desk almost every single day. Although it sounds a bit pain, but this steady schedule does help Niemann with his work.

Below are some of our favorite work. If you like Niemann’s work, you can find many good stuff in his online shop, such as originals, prints and his books. If you want to keep posted of his new work, you can follow his Sunday Sketches and other illustrations on Instagram.

All images © Christoph Niemann

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