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Creative Banana Doodle by Stephan Brusche

Stephan Brusche (aka iSteef) is not the first and definitely not the last artist who uses banana as canvas to create their arts. Two years ago, we featured some of Brusche’s interesting banana-doodles and...


Whimsical Doodles Playing with Shadow

Shadow art might not be something new to our readers. We have featured many forms of shadow art on Deignswan and today we will love to present you with another creative set of drawings...


Hilarious Cat Doodle Challenging

Posting photos online is quite normal those days. However, you might just be a “web celebrity” overnight beyond your expectation in a bit awkward way. And this can happen to cat too. It all...


Coffee Cat: If Coffee is Cat

If coffee is cat, which type of cat each coffee represents? Probably not much people think about this question. However, since these two things are the greatest passions for Moscow-based artist Elena Efremova, she...


Adorable Drawn Dragon Playing With Everyday Object

Having a pet like toothless in not only in the movie, but also in the hands of Manik & Ratan, twin brothers based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are both cartoonist, animators, designers and shared...


3D Doodler: a Pen can Draw in Air

While 3D printer still requires the knowledge of 3D modeling and special software, 3D Doodler is something for our ordinary people – a pen that can draw in the air! With 3Doodler, you can...


Doodling a Smile: Optimistic Illustration from Heng Swee Lim

Heng Swee Lim, the Kuala Lampur, Malaysia-based illustrator creates bright and sunny works that will turn anyone’s day around. Filled with optimism and hope, they have that child-like innocence to them that’s wonderfully refreshing.