We have been talking about realistic drawing quite often and many are about cats. Every time, we are amazed by how photo realistic artist can achieve. But today, we will show you something uncommon. Actually, if you just look at the drawing without knowing the background, you might even laugh and think it is worse than a 5-year-old’s work.

Ainars, the creator of the “bad” cat doodles in this article, started this type of drawing around 2018. The reason is simple. Only because Ainars wanted to make silly cat doodles and do them every day. That’s how dailypurrr, the low-quality cat doodling project started.

All the cats in Ainars’ work don’t quite look like our normal cats. And without the help of the photo on side, most of us will say “How can that be a cat!” But after checking the picture, you will fully agree, yeah, that is the cat!

According to Ainars, “The main idea behind Daily Purrr is to make people smile every day at least for a little moment” And I believe he definitely nailed it.

Take a look at some of his most adorable creations and head over to his Instagram page to find more.

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