You might already heard about Lim Heng Swee‘s name from her “Cat Landscape” series on our site. Today, we would love to present another adorable cat illustration from him: Cats and Plants. In this series, the Malaysian artist illustrates the fickle relationship between our felines and household plants.

In Swee’s cat illustration, the cat takes on the form of a cactus, succulent, or pointy-eared leaf, others feature white or black felines directly interacting with the plants in some way. For example, in one image, a black cat is curling inside the pot, pretending itself is just some kind of soil. And Hilariously, the plans in the pot has fish bone style vein.

Using simple, geometric shapes, Swee keeps his style similarly minimalist and pared down. And even only working with limited color palette, cats, flowers and leaves are clear enough to be spotted out. All of these are because Swee’s brilliant ideas of compositions.

Follow Swee on his Instagram page for more lovely cat works. And you can also purchase prints and other cat-inspired merchandise via Swee’s Etsy shop.

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