Gregory Halili, an artist with an exceptional eye for detail, breathes life into a mesmerizing world of artistry. With a palette that includes coral, shells, agates, and more, he meticulously crafts anatomical wonders and cosmic phenomena. His chosen medium, iridescent mother-of-pearl, adds an ethereal touch, emphasizing the contours of skulls or the surreal beauty of teardrops streaming from eyes. Halili’s creative haven, nestled an hour south of Manila, provides him with a trove of natural shapes and textures that inspire his work.

Years ago, a captivating idea took root in Halili’s mind: to carve lifelike miniature skulls into shells discovered on the pristine beaches of the Philippines. These exquisite creations, as Halili aptly puts it, symbolize themes of renewal, return, and reincarnation. In each piece, there’s a story waiting to be told, a testament to the intricate beauty that can emerge from nature’s own canvas.

Halili‚Äôs work is currently on view at the National Museum of the Philippines in Placuna placenta: Capis Shells and Windows to Indigenous Artistry. You can find more on Instagram.

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