This is a very very unique bookend, which is a sculpture of Jack Toreenc. So, watch out! Jack’s head poked out of the bookshelf!

Made of advanced resin finish from top to tail making them superior to their fragile ceramic cousins. And each of them are hand painted and polished. The head is surprisingly heavy and looks sooooo realistic!

The heavy duty Shining Bookend is strong enough to keep all your books/CDs/DVDs neat and upright. It can be used as a movie commemorative figure, and can also be used for decoration, adding a thrilling mystery to your room!

A quite unusual thing right? I know someone will definitely love to have that head poked out of his bookshelf. What kind of Stephen-King (books on amazon)/Jack-Nicholson-Fan can resist that. If you want to have one, you can get the Shining Bookend from amazon for $28.

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