Resin painting isn’t something new, we have featured several of them on our site before. Those resin painting looks amazing while the only problem is no matter how much we like it, it is hard for most of us to get one.

But now, you can actually purchase these type of resin art from an Etsy store called “SeventhSenseStore“. It might not as complex as the resin art we presented before, but they are indeed perfect decoration on your desktop, office and any windowsill.

Fish, turtle, octopus, frog, shrimp , beetle and even a tiny sleeping baby (so adorable), all these are handmade with acrylic paints and resins, polymer clay and placed in wooden bowl (acacia). This unique pattern is created using several layers of resin and acrylic paint to convey the illusion of depth. In order to get the 3D illusion I first apply a thin layer of resin for the background, and then I use acrylic paint to draw objects on that background. Then the drawing is secured with another thin layer of resin. The composition is supplemented with miniature sculptures made of polymer clay.

If you want to add some Zen feeling on the desk, this is definitely the perfect way to go. Never die, always green and blossom.

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