Spray foam insulation became a popular option in the past few years for the numerous benefits it provides. Aside from being environmentally-friendly, it also saves money on energy bills as it prevents air leaks and drafts around the openings in the walls.

You won’t have to use the heater for a long period if the internal temperature is stabilized in your house. Installing spray foam insulation can be tiring and frustrating, but with these tips in mind, you can get this job done much easier and faster.

Wear Protective Gear

Installing foam insulation is guaranteed to get messy, so you need to protect yourself and your equipment during the process. A protective suit with respirators will protect you from splatters and prevent direct contact with the spray foam chemical components that can cause allergic reactions. Complete the set with goggles and chemical-resistant gloves and don’t forget to wear expendable shoes as they will get very messy by the end of the insulation.

Invest in a Foam Spray Gun

Spray foam cans are suitable for small jobs around the house, however, a spray foam gun gives you better precision and reduces waste, especially for larger areas. The gun allows using both of your hands while applying the foam which gives you more control. The gun is more expensive than a can, yet in the long run, it will prove to be the more affordable option.

Don’t Spray a Wet Surface

The foam won’t stick properly on surfaces with a moisture level of more than 20%. In order to test the moisture level of any area, use a moisture meter before applying any foam. If you’re sure that the surface hasn’t been exposed to water in the last couple of weeks, then it is ok to apply the foam directly. Dehumidifiers are great for basements with damp air, as they absorb the damp air to ensure the surfaces are dry enough to work on.

Plan Ahead

Before you pull the trigger on the foam spray gun, some planning is required to ensure an efficient job with as few mistakes as possible. The first thing you need to do is clear the room completely. As the contractors at asifoam.com suggest, by clearing the room, you don’t have to worry about getting the foam on any valuables you have. After clearing the room, you should decide which areas you are going to spray first and ensure there is appropriate ventilation in the room by turning a fan or AC on to vent the fumes out of the room.

Cover Windows with Plastic

Insulation foam can smudge glass beyond repair, so make sure to cover the windows with plastic before starting the insulation. Though it is easier to clean a door from foam, covering it with plastic to eliminate the process of cleaning will make the job easier. Use masking tapes to cover power outlets and switches to protect them from foam spatter.

Splatter is to Be Carved, not Wiped

It is almost inevitable that some mistakes will be made during the insulation job as the splatter is uncontrollable,  especially if it’s your first time doing it. Wiping foam off areas you didn’t intend to foam will make it spread even more. Instead, wait for the foam to get dry and then carve it off with a knife or any sharp tool, use sandpaper if the spatter is small, or re-paint if necessary.

Take Your Time

The foam will expand as it settles down, that’s why you should work slowly while applying the foam. The foam can overflow out of crevices and cracks heavily if you aren’t careful which will cause a big mess.

To do it properly, apply the foam in small amounts and wait for it to expand before adding more, this technique will reduce waste and keep the overflow under control. For larger areas, working slowly ensures an even coverage for the whole area or less time spent evening the surface.

Carving for a Clean Finish

After your foam is expanded and set, you need to smooth the areas that will be on display. For carving, use a knife to remove the big lumps and bumps, for smoothing the surface, use sandpaper to level the foam with the adjacent surface. Finally, blend the foamed area with the rest of the wall by painting them for a smooth and clean look.

The spray foam insulation job can be done easily and efficiently if you prepare for it well enough by wearing the right gear and getting the place ready in advance. Applying the techniques you mentioned above will prevent mistakes from happening, allowing you to insulate your home efficiently with as little hassle as possible. Pay attention to these details, and you can guarantee the place will look flawless when you’re done with it.

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