Born in South Korea, the German photographer Heji Shin recently turned her lens on a particularly antagonistic bunch of roosters.

Compared with hen, roosters usually have more vibrant feathers and looking good on photos. Unlike photographer Matteo’s roosters, which are peaceful and elegant. These birds look quite strikingly masculine and aggressive under Shin’s lens – screech, splay their claws, and do karate-style leaps into the air.

This unusual photography collection is entitled “Big Cocks“. When asked why chose this subject matter. Shin said “On both sides of the double entendre, “cock” connotes masculine dominance; here, in “BIG COCKS,” a range of cocky emotions are on display. Though not divorced from contemporary critique, Shin’s new series offers a welcome respite from wrenching gloom and disorder, dispatching it with a wry smile and a not-so-subtle raunchy joke.”

The photographer is represented by Reena Spaulings in New York, where Big Cocks was recently on display, and you can view a larger collection of her work on the gallery’s site and her Instagram. (via

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