Discover the captivating fusion of art and mathematics at Studio Ibbini, where Julia Ibbini and Stéphane Noyer weave intricate tales through laser-cut papers. Their sculptures, renowned for their elaborate floral filigree, transcend visual appeal, delving into the realms of form, space, and mathematical principles. Evolving from tightly wound designs to incorporating expansive negative space, their art undergoes a metamorphosis, blending the structured with the organic.

As anticipation builds for their upcoming exhibitions, including Art Miami and a group showcase at the Sharjah Art Museum, Studio Ibbini’s trajectory in contemporary art is poised for greatness. What sets them apart isn’t just their output but their revolutionary process—a marriage of advanced computation and traditional techniques, expanding the horizons of artistic expression.

Dive into their evolving narrative on Instagram, where Studio Ibbini showcases ongoing projects. Beyond visual allure, their work sparks a dialogue between art and science, continually inspiring as they reshape the modern art landscape. Julia Ibbini and Stéphane Noyer’s journey is more than a collaboration; it’s a dynamic exploration, redefining what’s achievable through interdisciplinary convergence.

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