When someone says a picture is Photoshoped, in many cases, it comes with negative meaning. It means something is fake, not real. But when comes to digital art, this create software just gives wing to artists and let them free their imagination and create many incredible arts. Yes, you still know the image you see is fake. But so what? These works don’t mean to cheat you, but give you a whole new perspective of viewing the world.

It’s no exception for this young artist Julien Tabet, who seems to be very creative by inserting a whole world of sea animals with all the other land or sky animals. Julien Tabet is a young digital artist from France. He uses his imagination along with Adobe Photoshop to create surreal animals which makes us wonder if they really exist or will the animal kingdom be a better place if such existence was recorded.

Below, we have featured some of our favorite photo manipulation work from Tabet. You can see from his Instagram, knowing more creative interoperations of animal from Tabet’s perspective.

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