Your plans for a vacation, job transfer, or extended visit with family members are exciting. However, remember security is a critical consideration. You don’t want to cut your trip short because of a home emergency or lose irreplaceable valuables. Additionally, you’ll be more at ease watching your home from afar or controlling access. How do you keep it safe?

Invest in an Automated Home Security System

A home security system will protect your property while you’re away. Many systems have the additional benefit of letting you monitor remotely. An adequate system consists of alarms, motion sensors, cameras, and automation set to your schedule. Get an Alarm Grid integration guide to understand how the system works.

Monitoring your home with cameras that stream real-time video to your device lets you keep an eye on things. Some have motion detection capabilities and alert you if something unusual happens. You’ll also get notifications when someone enters or leaves the property.

Lock and Secure Your Home

Before leaving, lock all windows and doors. Invest in quality locks, such as deadbolts, that offer additional security. Also, replace any broken locks or cracked windows. Note that these make it easier to loot the space without leaving a trace.

You can also install window and door sensors to alert you if someone attempts to break in. For added protection, use a combination of locks on all entrances. Password-protected locks are especially recommended, as they require a code before entry. Remember to change the passwords regularly.

Repair All Broken Systems

When left unchecked, electrical, plumbing, and other home systems cause severe damage. Before leaving, have a professional inspect the systems. Pay attention to leaking faucets, faulty wiring, and broken pipes. Fixing tiny issues saves you from expensive damages when you return.

Also, prepare your home for the changing weather while away. Check the insulation, air conditioner, and water heater. When expecting a storm, secure outdoor furniture and windows. Also, check that the roof and gutters are in good condition.

Update The Home Technology

Modernizing your home technology protects your property. Automate the systems, such as lighting and heating. These can be controlled remotely with an app. Doing this saves energy and money and keeps your home safe. Motion sensor lights deter burglars, as they believe someone is home. You can also program some indoor lights to switch on and off to mimic your presence.

Keep Personal Information Off Social Media

Be cautious with what you post on social media. You don’t want to warn burglars about your vacation or extended leave. Refrain from posting pictures of your trip or where you are staying. If you must post, do this after the trip.

Also, keep your extended absence private. However, have a friend check on your home from time to time. Ask them to collect packages, mow the lawn, and open or close curtains if needed. The more your home looks occupied, the less likely it will be a target by burglars.

Secure Valuables

Invest in a quality safe, as burglars often look for these first. Secure your jewelry, essential documents, and valuables in it. Have the key with you at all times. Also, invest in quality curtains that keep outsiders from peering in.

Additionally, unplug all electronics, such as the TV and gaming consoles. The effort saves you from electrical damage in case of a power outage. Use a surge protector for those electronics you don’t want to unplug.

Stop All Subscriptions and Deliveries

Before you leave, cancel all subscriptions and deliveries. Burglars can easily access these packages when left outside your door for long periods. Piled-up mail also shouts you’re away. For the occasional subscription that finds its way to your doorstep, ask a neighbor or family member to take them in.

It also pays to notify your alarm company of your extended trip. This way, you won’t be disturbed by false alarms. They’ll additionally monitor the property keenly. Besides, notify your bank and credit card companies of the dates you will be away to reduce possible fraud.

Come Back To Exactly What You Left

Peace when away is not wishful thinking. With adequate preparation, you’ll leave your home without worries and return to a safe space. Contact a professional if you don’t understand how to prepare your home for the extended absence. However, pay more attention to a security system. Invest in one that best suits your needs.

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