Somehow, in these days, photo manipulation or PS has a kind a negative meaning. When people says that is PS, it usually mean it is fake / illusions. That is understandable since many of us have been fooled by some kind of processed images at some points. However, these kind of photo editing techniques doesn’t fully represent the nature of photo manipulation. Photo manipulation can also a kind of art form where ordinary photos are transformed into something alluring, surreal, and totally out of the box.

We have been featuring many creative photo manipulation works. They can be funny, whimsical or creative. Today, we will introduce you another great digital artist Hansruedi Ramsauer, who switched his 20-year career in finance to become an artist.

It all started with self-challenging. Ramsauer wanted to get better in photoshop. Hence he challenged himself to create one piece every day and posted it to Instagram. After 6 months, Photoshop reposted one of his images and from this moment, it never stopped going upwards. And that changes the life of Ramsauer totally.

As Ramsauer said “I hope that I can inspire people to change their perspective when they are stuck in any way, as I believe that the perspective you have on your life creates your life.”

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