“Yes, But” is a collection of sarcastic and relatable illustrations that depict two sides of the same circumstance. An essential palette, a few elements and a bold black outline are the hallmarks of the illustrations by Antоn Gudim, a software engineer who enjoys drawing and sharing his work on Instagram.

The idea of creating “Yes, But” comics came to Anton in 2016. This format was inspired by reflections on how people get along with a lot of contradictions in their lives. The artist found the actions of some people very contradictory: hence this “but” appeared.

Of course, not all the “yes, but” from Gudim accepted by everyone. Each of us has very unique perspectives of viewing things. However, his keen eye and perceptiveness have made him an astounding success and lead quite active discussion.

This is the second time we featured Gudim’s work. You can check our first collection to see our previous favorites or follow him on Instagram so you don’t miss out on all the others!

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