We’ve just entered 2023’s Chinese New Year, which began on the 22nd of January 2023 – and what better way to celebrate than with some beautiful artwork?

Whether you’re looking to add relevant images to your Chinese New Year design work, create celebratory social media posts, or search for eye-catching photos for personal use, you’ll find something in our inspiring Chinese New Year images.

The best images use the Chinese New Year color palette, which typically consists of red, yellow, green, and gold.

Look out for Chinese New Year images that give a nod to traditions associated with the festival, such as gifting oranges or letting go of a lantern.

Here’s a collection of Chinese New Year 2023 images you’ll love.

What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is an annual festival celebrating the beginning of the new year under the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar.

According to the Chinese calendar, each year is associated with one of 12 animals. The animals rotate on a 12-year cycle. 2023 is the year of the rabbit, which we last experienced in 2011 and 1999.

According to Chinese culture, 2023 is set to be a year of hope, with the rabbit symbolizing longevity, peace, and prosperity. People born in the year of the rabbit are said to be witty, wise, and quick-thinking.

The other 12 animals included in the Chinese zodiac are pig, dog, monkey, rooster, dragon, tiger, snake, rat, horse, goat, and ox.

Chinese New Year

Freepik offers a handy content calendar focused on the Chinese New Year, filled with design resources and eye-catching artwork to keep you going throughout the year.

Here are some of our favorites if you’re looking for images representing the Chinese New Year 2023.

Image: Freepik

This beautiful Chinese New Year image features two of the festival’s iconic products – oranges and orchids.

The deep red background gives a nod to the lucky color red, and the inclusion of gold symbolizes wealth and riches.

Image: Freepik

Chinese New Year is about celebration, and this image perfectly conveys that sentiment.

Not only can you see gifts to be shared between friends and family, but also lanterns, which form an essential part of the Chinese New Year tradition.

Chinese New Year lanterns – typically red to symbolize good luck – represent letting go of our past selves and getting new ones, which we’ll take into the new year.

Year of the Rabbit

If you’re searching for Chinese New Year images representing 2023, use Freepik to find “year of the rabbit” images.

Image: Freepik

Is there any image cuter than this cartoon-style artwork of a rabbit munching on a lucky tangerine to celebrate Chinese New Year?

We don’t think so!

This image includes features typically associated with Chinese New Year celebrations – oranges, lanterns, and the lucky color red.

There are even tiny fireworks to symbolize the celebratory festival that takes place every year to welcome the new year.

If you’re looking for a sweet rabbit image that showcases many of the most important traditions of Chinese New Year, you’ll love this one.

Image: Freepik

If you’re looking for a slightly more minimalist design that accurately captures the magic of the Chinese New Year, this image is an excellent choice.

Featuring the lucky color red and various images of this year’s animal, the rabbit, you’ll also spot traditional Chinese New Year imagery, such as the orchid, lanterns, and fireworks.

Image: Freepik

Beautiful deep red background? Tick. Images of this year’s animal, the rabbit? Tick. Nods to traditional aspects of Chinese New Year celebrations? Tick.

Your next 2023 New Year design has to feature this beautiful image of rabbits on the move, featuring the iconic orchid drawn on their bodies.

This simple design says everything it needs to and will make a welcome addition to your Chinese New Year images collection.

Chinese New Year backgrounds also make a welcome addition to your collection of design resources.

Whether you’re working on social media pages, presentations, or landing pages, having a background image unique to Chinese New Year can give your visuals that extra edge.

Here are some Chinese New Year backgrounds we love.

Image: Freepik

Did you know that oranges, tangerines, and kumquats are typical Chinese New Year gifts?

These tasty fruits are said to bring good luck, happiness, and prosperity, so their inclusion in this Chinese New Year image is ideal.

You’ll also see the striking red orchids closely associated with Chinese New Year, making a perfect addition to your Chinese New Year design project.

The space in the middle leaves ample space for copy, whether you’re creating a presentation or advertising an event to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Image: Freepik

This background works particularly well with a copy since the lightly-colored background works well with multiple font colors.

You’ll spot the inclusion of a sakura tree, strongly associated with Chinese culture, and lanterns dangling from the tree.

This image is a quintessential celebration of Chinese culture and the New Year festival while still being subtle, so it’s perfect for various design projects.

Image: Freepik

Designing Chinese New Year cards or invites to a celebration? This eye-catching design is ideal.

Featuring red lanterns which give a subtle wink to Chinese New Year festivities, the background leaves ample space for copy, and the light yellow background will work well with almost any font color.

Look for Chinese New Year backgrounds with plenty of space for copy and your designs.

For best practice, choose backgrounds that include typical Chinese New Year colors – red, yellow, and green. These are considered the luckiest colors in Chinese culture.

Those are just a few of our favorite Chinese New Year design templates to include in your next design project.

Amaze your clients and friends with a selection of inspiring Chinese New Year artwork that gives an authentic insight into this beloved festival.

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