There’s not much left of 2023, and with summer long over, many people aren’t thinking about travelling to faraway places. But, if you feel that you haven’t had enough time to enjoy some much-needed fun and relaxation earlier during the year, you might want to consider a trip now. With the holiday season fast approaching, here are some ideas of where you could go, even when the weather gets colder.


The Yukon is the smallest and westernmost of all Canadian territories and is sparsely populated, with only a little over 40,000 people living in the area. The local culture and sporting events attract tourists from all over the world who are eager to see the Yukon Quest dog sledge race, the International Storytelling Festival or the Yukon Rendezvous. The Yukon is the perfect destination for those looking to travel somewhere that’s more off the beaten path, so if you’re eager for some nature exploration and hiking, that will take you through some of the most spectacular landscapes you will ever see.

Apart from the stunning wilderness, you’ll also get the unique opportunity to interact with the local people, including the indigenous people such as the Tagish, the Tlingit and the Southern and Northern Tutchone.

Douro Valley

Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, owing to its traditional cuisine, lovely climate, beaches and affordable costs. Make sure to check the availability of Stansted parking spots so you can be sure that your vehicle is safe regardless of how long your journey will take. The Douro Valley surrounds the river with the same name and is the best place to visit if you want to sample some of the most exquisite wines in the world.

The region is rich in traditions, making it the perfect spot for a slow trip during which you take your time to take in the beauty of your surroundings. It is the oldest demarcated wine-producing area on the planet and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001. Apart from the terraced vineyards, you can also take the opportunity to embark on a cruise on the river or visit the numerous small towns and villages.


The island country and city-state of Singapore have one of the highest population density levels in the world. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of big cities, you must see Singapore at least once in your lifetime. You must take time out of your schedule to visit the Gardens by the Bay, a 101-hectare-long nature park. The Flower Dome, the Supertree Grove and the Cloud Mountain are some of the most widely-visited exhibits.

The National Gallery of Singapore is a popular getaway for culture lovers, home to the most extensive public collection of regional art in Asia, with nearly 10,000 items. Singaporean cuisine is one of a kind, owing to its eclectic blend of influences, including Chinese. Indian, Portuguese, English, Malaysian and Indonesian. If you love trying new dishes and aren’t afraid to be culinary adventurous, Singapore is a dream come true. Some of the foods you can try are:

  • Hainanese chicken rice: Made with seasoned rice and poached chicken and served with cucumber and chilli sauce
  • Chilli crab
  • Sambal stingray
  • Char kway teow: A stir-fried dish made with rice noodles with dark soy sauce, garlic, prawns, lap cheong sausage, bean sprouts and blood cockles
  • Fish soup bee hoon, a popular healthy food that uses several types of fish, yam, milk and rice vermicelli
  • Oyster omelette
  • Ais kacang: A dessert with shaved ice, red beans, condensed milk peanuts, basil seeds and rose syrup


Located in Southern Egypt, Aswan is the capital of the governorate of the same name. It is a busy city and a popular tourist destination, so make sure to check the airport parking Manchester options beforehand. It is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the folk art and craft categories. Aswan is one of the sunniest places on Earth, with rainfall an incredibly rare occurrence, so if you’re already missing the summer sunlight, it is the perfect place for you.

If you do just one thing during your trip, that should be a visit to the Philae temple complex, based on an island of the Aswan Low Dam. The Philae has been mentioned by numerous writers since ancient times, including Seneca, Ptolemy, Pliny the Elder and Strabo. According to the Ancient Egyptian religion, it is considered one of the burying places of Osiris, the god of fertility, the afterlife and resurrection. Over the centuries, numerous architectural and spiritual influences left their mark on Philae, from the pharaohs to the Romans and later the Christians.


The island country of Palau is situated in the western Pacific, in the Micronesia subregion of Oceania. It consists of over 300 islands but is still one of the smallest countries on the globe. It offers a wide array of natural and cultural wonders owing to its diverse terrain, including jungles, caves and breathtaking beaches.

Koror is the most populous state and home to the Ibedul clan, the country’s high chief. You can swim with the dolphins here, then try one of the numerous restaurants and cafes after. You can relax at a resort as well. Interestingly, the Koror Jail is visited by tourists as well because the inmates are known to be talented craftsmen who create intricate wooden storyboards.

Ngerulmud is the Palauan capital and the least-populous capital city of a sovereign nation. It is home to the Capitol of Palau, the palace of the National Congress. The design is based on the United States Capitol. The state of Melekeok, where Ngerulmud is located, is home to only 318 people. Here, you can see the Odalmelech, a prehistoric carving of a god-king, as well as the village of Melekeok, which includes an ancient stone path and a bridge.

Before you travel anywhere, you must first do your research to determine what you can see at the destination. It’s the only way to choose something that’s perfectly suited to your tastes.

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